Estival connects independent artists, producers, and educators to foster a collaborative creative community across multiple mediums.


By providing support and resources, Estival seeks to strengthen existing partnerships and develop new collaborative interactions.


Estival Productions is a collaborative team of creators.

Natural Motives | Middle of the Storm

  • Audio Production




    Estival Productions can record full bands live at their venue of choice.


    Hourly Recording rate after 5 hours: $25/hr


    Live Single 1 Week turnaround: $100

    Live Single 3 Day turnaround: $150


    Live EP 2 Week Turnaround: $200

    Live EP 1 Week Turnaround: $300

    Live EP 3 Day Turnaround: $450


    Live LP 1 Month turnaround: $500

    Live LP 2 Week turnaround: $650

    Live LP 1 Week turnaround: $800

    Estival Productions can produce artistic or themed audio pieces.


    Hourly Recording rate after 5 hours: $25/hr


    Produced Single 1 Week turnaround: $150

    Produced Single 3 Day turnaround: $200


    Produced EP 1 month turnaround: $500

    Produced EP 2 week turnaround: $700


    Produced LP 2 Month turnaround: $900

    Produced LP 1 Month turnaround: $1200

    Estival Productions can record and produce special audio projects.


    Hourly Recording rate after 5 hours: $25/hr


    Recitals under 2 hours: $80


    Plays under 3 hours: $200


    Company Meetings under 3 hours: $150


    Talent showcase (audio only): $80


    We are interested in tackling any audio project, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Video Production




    Estival Productions can film full bands live at their venue of choice.


    Hourly rate after 5 hours or noted time frame: $25/hr


    Record & Produce Video for 1 Live song (1 week turnaround, audio included): $200


    Record & Produce Video for 2 Live songs (2 week turnaround, audio included): $300


    Sports filmed live on location with simple editing (under 4 hours): $200-$500

    Estival Productions can produce artistic or themed video pieces.


    Hourly rate after 5 hours or noted time frame: $25/hr


    Music Video Production (live action only, does not include recording song): $350 - $3000 (depending on project needs)


    Sports Video Production with music and credits (live action only): $350 - $3000 (depending on project needs)

    Estival Productions can record and produce special video projects.


    Hourly rate after 5 hours or noted time frame: $25/hr


    Recitals under 2 hours (includes audio): $150


    Plays under 3 hours (includes audio): $350


    Company Meetings under 3 hours (includes audio): $300


    Talent showcase (video/audio): $200


    Small Wedding Video/Audio Services: $500 - $3500 (depending on project needs) - (Record Professional Audio & Video of ceremony & wedding activities, produced and directed into short film for the family)


    We are interested in tackling any small video project, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Photography

  • Other Services




    Estival Productions can help your band with live sound consulting or managerial duties.


    Hourly consultation rate after first free session: $10/hr


    Live Engineering for concerts: $50/hr


    Listening environment or jam space set up: $30/hr plus materials


    Gear troubleshooting/modifying: $30/hr plus materials


    Booking services: $15 per show booked plus 10% of venue payout (merch earnings not included)


    Merch Booth and Product Development: $30-$1,000 (case by case pricing)

    Estival Productions can produce products, both virtual and physical.


    Band Brand Development: $150 for logo and 5 unique promo shots, $350 for logo, 5 promos, and one page website


    Website Development: $250 (all graphics provided by client)


    Physical Album Production: $250-$2,000 (we know unique cheap, and expensive, ways of releasing and producing creative projects)

    Estival Productions can take on special projects.


    Garden Creation: $100 (we will spend the day brainstorming and forming your very own garden, or help you clean up the existing one)


    Creative Consulting: $20/hr (we are a group of creative thinkers. Sometimes a fresh perspective on any project, creative or business associated makes a world of difference in the final outcome)


    We are interested in tackling any  project, contact us for a free consultation.



Helicopterbearshark | Creation Lab Performance

  • Who

    Members and friends of the Estival Network.

  • What

    Creation Labs are unique creation spaces for Estival Producers. Some locations serve a specific purpose, such as video production or audio production, while others are merely listening sites or environments conducive to inspiration and conversation.

  • Where

    “Creation Lab” is a title similar to what most would call a home studio. Creation Labs exist and continue to grow everywhere on planet earth.

  • When

    Since the beginning.

  • Why

    Giving your working space a title, even it’s own name, will establish it as a creative environment. Your psychological understanding of creativity will mature at a faster rate simply because you are entering your own Creation Lab. Sharing your space is another added benefit. Opening yourself and other creators to new creative spaces will inspire new ideas and possibilities.

  • How

    You already have a Creation Lab if you consistently create in a certain space. Now, it’s just a matter of giving it a name, whether that simply be “Creation Lab” or a unique identity. If you wish to create in our Creation Labs, reach out and join the Estival Network.

Inspire | Create | Progress

When looking to build a progressive company in an artistic industry, one should reconsider the conventional approaches to business development. Many artists and creative thinkers lack the business savvy to compete with those artists fortunate enough to have the right “connections.” Estival will serve as the hub connecting artists, creators, progressive thinkers, and the business-minded. The free-flow of inspiration will generate more personal connections leading to progressive ideas in many unique industries.


Estival is fruition. Learning from the recent struggles that have come to define record labels, publishers, and other creative trades, the new generation of artists is ready to establish a dynamic industry that cannot fail---an industry focused on the art itself, and the necessary collaborative process that results in a finished product.


Inspiration is the root of all artistic cultures. If artists aren’t inspired to create, no progress is made, and, more often than not, they end up producing cookie-cutter copies of contemporary works. While historic and fashionable art can jumpstart creation, Estival’s main objective is to promote inspiration in the quest for innovation. Connecting on a face-to-face level with other creative minds will promote such artist productivity. Estival, then, is a network that exists to help all of its members find inspiration. More importantly, it is a means of harvesting the fruits of the imagination. The diverse works developed and produced through Estival will establish and maintain its legitimacy as the new industry standard.


Technology has revolutionized the creation process. However, access to this technology is often limited by cost. Providing easy access to certain tech for nominal fees will open up more possibilities for our creative partners.


Collaboration is common but has its limitations---it usually only stretches so far and is isolated within a single artistic medium. When artists join the Estival network and use its services as a complete collaborative industry, they will have all the tools needed to complete any creative project. As the backing production force Estival will only claim a small percentage of the revenue generated from the final product(s).






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Estival is a collaborative artistic community providing hope and a solution for rising creators in a failing industry.

Want to join the Estival Network? Contact us for a conversation.

  • Mission Statement

    Estival Productions is a mobile production company that strives to empower individuals through collaboration. Our primary goal is to foster artistic growth in such a way that all members of Estival Productions will share in the experiential and monetary gains. We will promote the development of multimedia skills so that EP members can reach their full creative potential.

  • Estival Productions' Service

    Estival Productions comprises dedicated media producers who consider collaboration to be the best means of helping individuals, businesses, and artists progress along their respective creative paths. Each member can lend his personal professional equipment (or consultation) for use within the company and, in exchange, will earn percentages from the revenue generated by finished products. This private production network, wherein the majority of project payouts go directly to the talented individuals involved, is therefore inherently self-sustaining.

  • Estival Network

    Estival Productions is a symbolic front for a growing network of independent producers. In this day and age many young artists put a premium on their independence. By encouraging a tribal mentality, Estival Productions promotes the growth of independent creative minds while recognizing that they belong to people with other priorities. Creators can tap into the Estival network to form individually unique Creation Labs that will assist in the production of original content. This makes it easy for producers to meet the needs of any project while acknowledging the time constraints of its visionaries. Ultimately, Estival Productions puts resources into the hands of independent producers to cultivate individual growth.

  • Marketing

    Estival Productions will market itself through face-to-face connection, forging lasting relationships between individuals, artists, and businesses. The workload and marketing needs will fluctuate with the number of dedicated members contributing to the network. Estival Productions will develop and maintain a clean, streamlined online presence for this network to always remain easily accessible.